Deepening Gratitude

If the only prayer you ever say is “Thank you” it will be enough. Meister Eckhart

We all know that expressing gratitude for what we have in our life changes our life for the better. What if we could deepen that gratitude? What if we started looking at the people in our lives and really expressed how grateful we are that they are in our lives? How would that change our life?

Shout it from the rooftops! "I am grateful for my life!!"'

So today I am going to share with you some open letters to some important people in my life. You might want to consider writing some too.

Dear Mrs Baker ( she was my Form Two teacher)
Thank you so much for what you taught me about life. Thank you for taking a class of twelve-year-old kids and accepting them for who they are and showing them who they could become. Thank you teaching us to respect each other and care about each other.
There were so many lesson in your class that have stuck in my memory. You taught us values and humanity, yet you never preached to us at all. You treated us like we were adults when we were still in the last throes of being kids.
I remember how you helped me to accept myself for the gangly , skinny kid that I was and to see the potential of who I was still to become.
You were one of the best teachers I’ve ever had and I wish I could meet you one more time to tell you “Thank you for being part of my life” Much Love Caitlin

Dear Brent ( my ex husband)
I would like to take the time to thank you for all the lessons I have learned from having you in my life. I learned how to stick up for myself because you can’t always count on others to do that for you and I am grateful for that.
I learned that one person in a relationship always needs to be responsible and it’s not always fun and you don’t get to be the good guy but it needs to be done. This helped me when I moved out on my own with the kids because now it was just me and them and I still had to be responsible. Thank you for that.
I am so incredibly grateful for our three sons and even though the last was an unexpected surprise with unbelievably bad timing, I am the most grateful for him. Thank you for all the financial support you gave us over the years and for never making it a battle. It has made it so much easier for me to ask for money now which is something I would never have done in the past. Thank you for all the time you took the kids on holidays. It gave me a welcome breathing space to be my own person again, even if just briefly.

Thank you for making it easy to still like you after all we have been through. It probably helps that we seldom see each other (LOL!). Thank you for respecting me as a mother and as the person who has raised our boys. Thank you for teaching them to respect Rob as this gave them an easier time sorting out their relationships with him.
Thank you for still being a part of my life.

Dear Mum and Dad,
Thank you for all the lessons that you taught me, intentional and unintentionally. Thank you for inspiring me to be a different kind of parent. Thank you for teaching me how to be independent and resilient. Thank you for showing me that there is always more going on within a person than you realise and to treat them with love regardless. Thank you for helping me to grow into the amazing woman that I am today, surrounded by the most loving and supportive friends in the world and blessed with a true spiritual family. Thank you for helping me realise that the family we are born into are our greatest teachers from whom we learn our greatest lessons.

Dear Rob, Thank you for finding me and not letting me go. Thank you for growing with me, through thick and thin. Thank you for accepting me exactly as I am, not how you think I should be. Thank you for sharing my life with me. Thank you for all the love and support you have given to me and my children as we have grown together. thank you for always believing in me and what I am trying to do with my life. Thank you for being you. I love you with all my heart

Two hearts beat as ONE

Writing these letters has given me inspiration to write even more letters. why? Because there are so many people who have been in my life that I am grateful for. People that I have never thanked enough, authors whose books have made a huge impact on my life, friends that have always been there for me. Do I need to post all these letters.? No, not really. If I can find the address, then sure, why not? It is enough for me to express that gratitude to the Universe and who knows on a cosmic level, maybe they will reach who they need to.
Thank you taking the time to read my blog. Thank you for inspiring me to write. Thank you for being you.

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I’ve moved!

Actually to be entirely honest only my blog has moved. You can find it at

I will continue to blog here to so feel free to connect with both blogs.
This one will be general musings on life and how we can continue to strive to be better people.
My constant aim is to become the next best version of myself. I figure if I upgrade my cellphone, my computer, my software and my appliances shouldn’t I be upgrading me too? And the answer is always a resounding “HELL YEAH!”
Trouble is you can’t just go out and buy an upgrade for You. There is no software to install, no shiny new gadget that represents you. So how do we upgrade ourselves?
For a start look at the areas of your life that aren’t working that well for you; are your relationships healthy or are there some people who you would be happy to let go of? What about your finances, your career? How is your health? Now that you’ve picked an area that you want to work on take a look at some of the beliefs that you have about it.
How do you know what your beliefs are? Listen to the things that you constantly say about that issue. For instance do you catch yourself saying ” Fat people are lazy” that is actually a belief that you have .Or what about ” Rich people only got that way through cheating” . Again that is a belief. So start paying attention to what you say and you will uncover what your beliefs are

A thought held long enough and repeated enough becomes a belief

When you hear an opinion and believe it, you make an agreement and it becomes part of your belief system. The only thing that can break this agreement is to make a new one based on truth. Only truth has the power to set you free. Don Miguel Ruiz

Once you have uncovered your belief you get to decide whether it serves you or not. Does believing that all rich people are cheaters assist you in wanting to create an abundant life? Probably not. Does believing that all fat people are lazy help you in losing weight? Probably not.
EFT is the simplest and quickest way I know to start reprogramming your subconscious mind. Go check out my website and I will upload some videos to help you release limiting beliefs using EFT.

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Stress is a funny thing. Not a funny, haha type of thing, more funny ,peculiar. The funniest part of it is that we are all stressed, a lot of us just don’t recognise that that is what they are. I know ! Weird!
Life moves at a very fast pace and for a lot of us instant gratification takes too long! My teenage son couldn’t be bothered cooking his two-minute noodles ( I know they are the devils food!!) because they took too long. Now that to me is crazy (a) because it’s a non food ( yes I nagged him endlessly about them) and (b) because what is the rush? We seem to feel that we have to race around doing everything RIGHT NOW and if we slow down for even two minutes we are going to miss something.
We have status updates on Facebook to do, emails to check,texts to send and receive. Not to mention people to talk to…. in person. Activities to do, exercise to have and food to prepare. It makes my head spin just writing it all down.
I used to work in a health shop and would regularly get customers coming in for something to help them sleep. The first thing I asked was if they were under any stress. Invariably they would say “No”. Guess what? all the symptoms they would describe would scream ” This person is stressed to the max!!” We are wound tighter and tighter and our bodies just cannot take it anymore.
When we get stressed our body goes into fight or flight mode and releases adrenalin. The focus , inside the body, is on running like hell or bracing for a jolly good punch up so all activities , like digesting food, get slowed down or stopped to free up energy for that. So what happens if the trigger for the adrenalin does not mean you have to run away or bop someone on the head? What if the stress is constant and everyday? The adrenalin switch stays on… and on …. and on. Digestion becomes an issue, sleeping definitely goes out the window because your body is on high alert, nerves get frayed and you become Super Grump.
Now here is another funny thing about stress: your body reacts EXACTLY the same way whether the stress is nutritional, emotional, physical or mental. So what are some nutritional stressors? Caffeine, alcohol, not eating for long stretches of time ( because you have to get the work done first… right?), food intolerance and lets not even get started on all the junk food and energy drinks out there. Mental stressors include: constant worry ( what if….?), bills that are due, or worse, overdue. Think of all those people in Christchurch living with constant aftershocks and you will get a picture of mental, emotional and physical stress. Exercising can also be a physical stress. the old saying of “‘no pain, no gain”” is a classic example. If you are pushing through the pain barrier you are stressing the body. Look at the All Blacks and how many succumb to injury and then are quickly back playing again without the body having enough time to rest and heal.
The worst part of being under constant stress is that the body releases cortisol which stops you using fat as an energy source. So guess what happens you gain weight and guess where it goes? Yup straight to your belly! Which as we know is the worst place to store fat as it is surrounding all your major organs. the other thing with accumulated stress is adrenal exhaustion. Unlike the Energiser bunny our adrenal switch is not supposed to keep on …and on…and on. It is supposed to switch on, release a burst of energy to run like hell or punch someone on the nose FULL STOP, end of story. Instead we have it on twenty-four hours a day responding.. to well not much.
Consequently we can’t sleep, we are exhausted, our digestion is shot and our nerves are not only frayed but shot to pieces. Our solution? Another cup of coffee ( to get us going in the morning and through the afternoon), no time to cook so you just grab a takeaway or eat at your desk, with a sugary snack to lift our sagging spirits, a wine ( or maybe two) to wind us down in the evening and help us sleep.

The solution?
(1) Eat when you are hungry, preferably something homemade and nutritious.
(2) Pay attention to your body, it will give you sginals ( pain is one of the first).
(3) Meditate.
(4) Practise EFT to release worries ( I’ll upload some videos to my webpage)

(5) A great adrenal support supplement is a must. If you are following the Be Pure programme go check out the store.

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Me and My Blender!

I love my blender.
That wasn’t always the case.
My old blender was plastic and if you’ve ever had one you will know that it doesn’t take long before they look well… grimy. The plastic becomes opaque and somehow just doesn’t look inviting any more. One day it died. Hoorah I now had the perfect excuse to buy myself a beautiful shiny, new glass blender. Which I did.. and it was great until I tookit out of the cupboard on the second day and…… smashed it on my fabulous tile floor. No problem thought I, I will get a replacement part. Sorry no parts for that brand.
I waited a suitable amount of time for my darling to adjust to the fact that I had broken a brand new blender after only one use…… and then I bought another one ( different brand and yes I checked about availability of parts before I bought it!!)
Now we are inseparable. I have just made a batch of my LSA ( yes I am still blogging about health not small appliances. stick with it , it will all make sensse in a minute). You probably know that LSA is linseed, sunflower and almond and is great for adding to breakfast cereal or into smoothies to help your heart health and lower oestrogens ( most of us are oestrogen dominant. Yes even men. I know! Whats that all about???. Well I decided to add a few extras. So now its linseed, sunflower, almond, pumpkin seed ( great source of zinc and good for the prostate … if you have one LOL), goji berries( antioxidant and blood thinner) and coconut ( antibacterial, antifungal, good immnuity booster). Sometimes I add walnuts too ( great food for the brain).
Now I am going to mix up a batch of raw food brownies in ( you guessed it .. my blender!). Then I will make some tahini ( great for calcium and as a spread instead of butter) and some hummus ( protein snack and yummy to boot). Followed by some aioli from my chooks eggs and garlic out of the garden. Aioli also makes af abulous protein boost to your salad.
More from the Revolution:

Leverage your big “whys”
Know the specific reasons your health matters to you. Write them down where you’ll see them daily.
Raise your sights
Don’t get sucked in by obsessions with six-pack abs and buns of steel. Don’t play “compare the bodies.” Fulfill your best-self vision.
Learn the skills
Healthy, fit people have learned how to be healthy. Learn those skills, practice them, and you’ll be healthy, too.
Reap the rewards
Look and feel better, sure. But also think better, smell better, give better, love better, live better, be better.
Focus on the fundamentals
Drink water, eat good food, move, rest, relax, connect. Don’t sweat the more complex stuff until you’ve got a grip on the basics.

I hope I’ve given you some food for thought and some tips for eating better foods. Pick one or two of the Revolution tips and practise those for a couple of days. Or sign up for the Be Pure programme and get coached through the steps. Viva La revolution!! Oh and Love your blender
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The revolution continues!

Here’s the next section of the revolution manifesto:

Practice medicine without a license
Research your own conditions and treatment alternatives, ask questions, and seek second opinions with impunity. Leverage the expertise of trained pros, but don’t allow it to eclipse your own informed instincts about what’s best for you.
Minimize symptom suppression
Make whole-person vitality, well-being and resilience your goal. Partner with healthcare pros who understand and support your desire to be fully healthy with a minimum of medical intervention.
Safeguard your juju
Don’t let yourself get run down, depressed, negative or reactive. That’s when immunity drops, inflammation rages, and unhealthy tendencies strike.
See the bigger picture
Yes, this is about you, but your well-being also affects everyone and everything around you. When you get healthier, everybody benefits.
Be part of the solution
It’s going to take a lot of strong, clear-headed, high-vitality people to solve the world’s problems. Be one of them.
Go at your own pace
A healthy life is more a marathon than a sprint. So start where you are. Choose sensible, sustainable shifts over instant cures and quick fixes.
Be proactive
If you feel a cold, flu or nasty headache coming on, take evasive maneuvers. Rest. Refuel. Reconnect. Rebuild your immunity and vitality. There’s no heroism in ignoring your body’s needs.

When trying to change any aspect of our lives it is always to go at our own pace , which is Number 12. Change is gradual and you don’t want to start off in a blaze of glory only to crash and burn because you tried to change everything all at once.

Habit is habit, and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time. -Mark Twain

Its also important to know that as you change , you change those around you (#10). Some of them may not like it and will want you to continue doing what you’ve always done. change can be scarey. Lets remember though that doing what you’ve always done will get you what you’ve always got and we all know the definiton of insantiy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
Number 7 has to be my all time favourite so far! Practice medicine without a license. You are the best person to say what is going on with your body. Why? because its YOUR body! You live there and you know how it feels. Pay attention it is talking to you all the time. Generally we just don’t listen. which leads us nicely to number 13 Be Proactive. If your body is screaming out for a rest… take a nap! There are no awards for pushing your self to exhaustion. It’s actually ok to admit that you are tired and do something about it. Far better to take a short break than end up flat on your back with the flu for a week.

As for my own health revolution I am focussing on drinking more water. You would be amazed how dehydrated most of us are. That tiredness I was just talking about is generally your body screaming for more water. Not caffeine laden coffe, or fizzy soda and definitely not an energy drink… WATER!! Trouble is we have trained our tastebuds to want something sweet or more flavourful than water. The other sad thing is that pure, fresh spring water tastes delicious and that doesn’t come out of any tap or bottle, even those ones labelled spring water. And that’s the biggest problem. Our water now is such chemical soup that we actually don’t want to drink it and yet or body desperately needs it. We are after all made up of 70% water.
A good water filter helps remove some of the nasties but still doesn’t give you the best quality water. at present its the best we’ve got. There are some more expensive mineral pot filters that you can get but I haven’t tried them out …..yet!
I’m off to have a drink. Who is with me??
Viva La Revolution!!!

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101 Revolutionary ways to be healthy

Along with my Be Pure health kick I have decided to add this into the mix because lets face it, it can’t hurt.

So I’ve just been reading through the list .
Here’s the first six:
Defy convention
Do the healthy thing, even when it’s challenging, inconvenient or considered weird. Take pride in that.
Buck trends
Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s smart or good for you. Enlist fellow trend buckers and create a trend of your own.
Rage against the machine
Use your healthy frustration about the unhealthy status quo to spark creativity and determination.
Celebrate what’s good
Look for signs of progress (beyond pounds lost) and rejoice when you find them. Give yourself a pat on the back every time you make your health a priority.
Repossess your health
Reclaim responsibility for your well-being; own your daily choices; minimize your reliance on the broken sick-care system.
Redefine your role
You are not a “healthcare consumer.” You are a human being. You may be experiencing an illness or other health challenge right now, but remember that good health is your body’s natural state.

I have to say number one is something I’ve always done. I don’t drink alcohol and its amazing how many people have an issue with that. I have drunk it in the past and then about 10 years ago decided I didn’t want to any more. And no I don’t miss it…. at all! I got married at the end of last year and people said to me ” surely you will have a glass of champagne to celebrate??” but I felt no need whatsoever. My life with my husband is celebration enough and alchol doens’t come into the equation.
I also don’t drink tea or coffee and to me it’s a non issue . In fact my local coffe shop now stocks lemons so I can order hot water and lemon. turns out the owner is a big fan of it too! ( Yay Robet Harris in Katikati!)
Number 5: reclaim resposibility for your well being. It is Your body! You know how it feels and up to a point, you know what it needs. Stop handing your wellbeing over to the doctor and saying “fix this”. They haven’t been taught and they don’t know how. Research what your body needs to operate well and ditch those things you know you shouldn’t be eating or doing. By all means go to the doctor, just don’t tkae every thing they say as gospel.Question everything!

Number 6 is also a big favourite of mine. Most of what passes for healthcare is actually sickness maintentance. It does nothing to keep people well rather it treats them when they become sick and a lot of the time, not that well. Take hospital food for instance. Nobody in their right mind wants to eat it and it is devoid of nutrition which is the very thing anyone recuperating needs.

Go and check it out and see how many of them you are already doing. I will post some more tomorrow.


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OMG How do I even stand?

As I mentioned in my last post I am doing the Be Pure programme. One of the first things I did was buy a set of Body composition scales. What the heck are they I hear you cry? Body composition scales tell you more than just how much you weigh. They tell you what percentage of your body is fat (eeeek!), how hydrated you are (must have another glass of water!!) and how much muscle you have ( OMG! how do I even stand?????). Scary stuff if like me, you are,shall we say, voluptuous. The great thing is once you know your numbers you can take action. you can use them as motivation to keep you eating right and drinking more water.
Other numbers that are good to know are your blood pressure and cholesterol readings and how that compares to the normal range. Lets face it, this is your body. It is where you live. If you want to take care of it you need the right information and you need to know what is optimal for your body. How do you feel in your body right now? Are you tired and lethargic? Are you full of life? Do you feel thirsty? Or is that feeling hunger?

One of the great things with the Be Pure programme was one of the videos that I watched that listed the ingredients of a packaged food item and you had to guess what it was. This is a game the whole family should play. Most of the items didn’t even sound like food… and guess what ? If they have a string of ingredients that are numbers or words you can’t pronounce or items you don’t recognise as food.. then it’s not a food.! it’s a chemical concoction that is being sold to us as food!! Big difference. So go check out your pantry and grab a packet off the shelf and read them out to a family member or friend and see if they can name what it is. If they can’t.. bin it! It’s a non food and shouldn’t even be regarded as edible! Trust me if you remove all the items from your pantry with long lists of numbers and unpronounceable words and replace them with whole foods that are instantly recognisable as food, you will feel a whole lot better.
my pantry now has a great range of nuts; walnuts, cashews, almonds, seeds; sunflower,linseed,sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seed; dried fruit: dates, goji berries, sultanas. I also have a range of gluten-free pastas, tinned tomatoes and puree. Good oils such as rice bran, coconut oil and olive oil. i made my own mayonnaise the other day with free range eggs, olive oil and lemon juice. It took me about 5 minute and tasted sooo much better than anything you can buy from the supermarket.
I now eat coconut milk kefir ( which I make myself) mixed with yoghurt ( still adjusting my taste buds to the new flavour of kefir), soaked chia seed and my own special blend of LSA and fruit for breakfast. Sure beats any cereal on the market and tastes delicious.
So how am I feeling after a few weeks? I feel fantastic! I have more energy, I’m sleeping better. I am still trying to drink more water and some days I do great. The exercise was going great and then something disrupted the flow and I am trying to get back on track. The big thing is to take it one day at a time and keep track of how well you are doing.

I am an affiliate of Be Pure and do get a commision for every person that signs up. I also believe it is a great programme and share Ben’s passion for helping 1 million people live a healthier life.

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